Sunday, 28 July 2013


I've always been a fan of tribal prints but I never really owned much. (Only two article of clothing with the print) Here's how I wore it yesterday! I spend the day running errands, and since it was windy outside I paired it up with my ASOS tights and a warm cardigan !
Tribal Top - Forever 21 // Bow High Waisted Shorts - Forever 21 // Tights - ASOS // Cardigan - Siren's //

 My girlfriends and I planned a nigh tout to the club and here's what I wore to Guvernment ! 
We went there for the Summerfest event hosted by a fraternity. I had an amazing time, I made old friends and made new friends! 
Crop Top - Siren's // Tribal Skirt - Forever 21// Kimichi Shoes - Urban Outfitters // Necklace - Borrowed from my roomie //

 I normally don't wear too much make-up but last night I took it to the next level ! 

What'd you do last night? :) Enjoy ! 

Thursday, 25 July 2013


Since I spent so much money on food last month, I decided to slow it down and cheap it out (not really). I made dinner with my roommate last night and we made it fancy, similar to what we'd get from a nice restaurant, except this was inexpensive! Steak and asparagus served with wine and fruits on the side. Sadly the sides had too much fat around it, but other than that it's delicious! (I swear!) 

I went downtown with a girlfriend the same night and here's what I wore! We roamed the streets of Toronto, half people watching half exploring, it was a very calm evening. I love the unexpected carefree nights the most, it makes me appreciate the freedom and the endless possibilities.
Outfit: Crop top - TOPSHOP // Skirt - Ebay //"Love" Belt - Forever 21 // Bag - Coach //

Earrings - Forever 21 //
Heels - ALDO //
Enjoy! :) 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Actually. There isn't much to update you guys on right now. Life has been pretty bland, the most exciting part of it is going to work and school -sarcasm- I've been spending the past few days cleaning the house and working on my paper which I hope I can complete it by the end of today ! (Wish me luck) I currently don't have my tripod with me, it has been borrowed by someone else, so I'm trying to figure out alternatives ):
I did go to the mall a few times though whenever I am coming back from school or need a small break from my paper. Here's the random things I bought!
 Bath and Body Works 
Because I'm running out of ideas of what I can post at the moment, here's what I've been applying on my face lately ! 
ELF palette // Toki Doki Brushes // Clinique Foundation // 'GO Brow' Eyebrow kit // Cover Girl Powder //
Enjoy for now! I have plans during the weekend and more photos to post, it's just not the right timing yet! :) 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


For the past few days, I captured my outfits before heading out. I never carry my DSLR around so I normally just take my pictures on a blank wall before heading out!

Necklace - GUESS // Crop top - Forever 21 // High low skirt - Katies //

Just a simple black and white outfit for a hot day while I was heading out for school!
Cardigan - H&M // Top - Urban Outfitters // Bow Shorts - Taishan Boutique 

 Floral Headband - Forever 21 // Floral Kimono - Thrifted // Top - UO // Skirt - Siren's //

 Gold necklace - Forever 21 // Black Crop Top - Siren's // Skirt - H&M//

 Flower ring - ETSY // Mickey Mouse Watch - ONES //
Top - Forever 21 // Shorts - Forever 21 //

Which outfit did you like the most? :) Let me know!

Friday, 19 July 2013


Last month I hardly spent any money on anything besides food. I think this month I should treat myself to a few more items and start saving on all those food costs! My birthday recently passed and here are some gifts I have received from some very special people :) 
I went home on my birthday and spent majority of my day at home with my family. I later went out to grab some patio drinks with a few of my girlfriends.
After coming home, I received a belated gift from my two amazing roommates! Here's what they got me :) 

I haven't used the nail kit yet, but it looks adorable! Their card was really silly and cute! And the Juicy Couture perfume smells great, Im not too fond of the lipgloss though!
My best friend recently came to visit me and I found these amazing gifts on my bed after work! :) A brow kit (perfect since I actually needed one!) and a souvenir cup from Vancouver !

Lately, I've been becoming obsessed with prints on my clothing, particularly floral that looks like sketches. In mainly blue and white. You'll know what I mean when you see what I purchased! Majority of the items I bought are from Forever 21, they had an extra 30% off on sale items!

 H&M Floral Shorts - $12.95 CAD

 Forever 21 

 Forever 21

This is actually my first purchase from Artitiza !
I am in love with anything matcha/green tea related! These delicious asian treats definitely satisfies my tastebuds ! Pocky and Kitkat!
Enjoy ! :) 

Thursday, 18 July 2013


[07.17.13] CONCERT: 
This has definitely been one of the best concerts I have ever attended! Luckily, my best friend told me to buy tickets way ahead of time and that morning, like many others, we fought to get good/decent seats. We settled for the 200's on the side of the stage (which ended up being one of the best seats ever!) I'm not the biggest fan of Justin Timberlake, I only know a handful of his old and new songs but I did enjoy Suit and Tie and Mirrors a lot! I think I was more excited to see Jay-Z, but sadly he didn't preform as much as JT did. The concert took place at the Roger Centre and the entire place was sold out! It was their first show of their tour and they totally rocked it! The vibe was great and everyone was singing along and dancing along while they sang. I also made shirts for the concert (similar to my FUN shirts). I went with my sister and my best friend who luckily hasn't left the country yet !
Why did my seat turn out to be one of the best?? It turns out Drake and his buddies also came to watch the show and they were only one floor on top of us! He kept on distracting the crowd but I swear he made eye contact with me and waved! -fan girl moment- I did get distracted the whole time though, I kept looking up (as did everyone in that section did too). Seeing 3 singers in one concert was fantastic ! Here are some pictures I captured throughout the day !

I met up with my best friend and sister at Eaton Centre and we ventured off to grab some bento boxes before heading out to the concert. My to-go sushi place close to the Roger's Centre is always __. Typically all the basic bento boxes are $10! It's not the best you can find in town but it does the job! 

Chicken Teriyaki, shrimp tempura and california rolls all for $10 ! 

Black and white outfit ! 

I had such a great time! It's totally worth having practically no sleep the next day and having to attend school and work for the entire day. After this concert, I think it got me hooked! I want to attend more future concerts and Holy Grail is still stuck in my head!
Enjoy :)