Thursday, 30 May 2013


Lately whenever I have time, my friends and I would go out to eat. It's becoming an unhealthy habit and a very costly one too. ): All these delicious food is making my appetite go bad for my horrible cooking skills LOL But mind you, I make delicious breakfast food! I'm constantly out and about but I never bring my camera, so excuse the low quality iPhone photo's! 
After looking at all these pictures, I can't even begin to imagine how much I spend solely on food! I think it's really time for me to hit the gym!

(Top) Omelette brunch - Moxies // Curry chicken menu + Miso Soup + Pickled Cucumber  - Aijisen Ramen // Honey Garlic Wings - St. Louis Wings 
(Middle) Froyo Bubble Gum Flavour - Menchies // Pineapple Fried Rice - Kim Dinh // Cappuccino - Timothy's 
(Bottom) Calamari - Moxies // Bibimbap - Owl of Manerva // Bento Box - Niji Sushi 


Sorry for the lack of posts! I've been busy with work and school, but today is finally my last day class for the week! :) ...I'm working all weekend though! ):
I've been creeping through Twitter lately, and I just started following the Hudsons Bay Company on Twitter aka The Bay. I spotted an incoming amazing deal!

Attention all Canadians! Bay Canada is having a cyber sale on June 4th for TOPSHOPS Spring collection, all regular priced items are 40% off! What a deal! You have to purchase from the Hudson Bay Company, which will direct you to their TOPSHOP site. 

Here are my picks that I'm most likely purchasing! :) Enoy! 
Compared to the UK website, there is definitely less selections. I had a few items picked out from the UK site, but unfortunately they don't have the same products in the Hudson Bay site. ):

Thursday, 23 May 2013

[22.05.13] && [23.05.13]

Today I spend my afternoon walking to the mall and grocery store. I went to Loblaws to pick up mini strawberry cheesecake, pizza buns, pizza pockets, wings and coke all for $23! I spent my day at work after running errands. 
My nose has been red lately, I'm turning into Rudolf the red nose reindeer again :$ 
Outfit: Cat Muscle Tee - Forever 21 // Cape - Marshalls // Shorts - Forever 21 

I spent my morning running errands and going to school. This is what I wore today! The weather is getting chilly and it's constantly raining here! Where did the sun go!?
Outfit: Grey top - Forever 21 // Shorts - Forever 21 // Tights - ASOS

I purchased their $1 iced coffee, and their new McDonald's wrap, which is currently half off! It's actually pretty big, filling, and tastes good !
Enjoy ! :)

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Today was a errand full day, running around back and forth from the bank and filling out paper work. I spent majority of my day at school, I'm a bit behind on school work. Must do some catching up! 

Outfit of the Day: Cape cardigan - Marshalls // Black lace tank - Sirens // Cross sequence shorts - EBay // Shoes - Forever21 // Lipstick - Miracle by NYX

 Instead of always going out for food, I really need to start learning to cook for myself! For breakfast I made some eggs and sausages with instant milk tea on the side. Delicious ! 
I think I finally lined up my main sumer 2013 shoes ! Here are my picks! :) All under $20 each!

(Top row) Ballet Shoes - Forever21 // Cut outs - Marshalls
White sandals - Walmart (Only $9!) // Kimichi Blue Shoes - Urban Outfitters 
 Heart phone case - Urban Outfitters // Cat eye sunglasses - Forever21 // Heels - Forever 21

After class, I met up with my boyfriend and my friend and we all went out for some froyo (: I ended up getting vanilla raspberry cupcake flavoured yogurt with ice cream cone flavoured yogurt topped with sprinkles, cheesecake crumble and strawberries! Delicious on a hot summer day!
 We were suppose to set off fireworks at a near by park from Victoria Day left over's, but the boys had a spontaneous craving to visit the Great Blue Heron; a Casino. I personally don't fancy Casino's. I see it as a place of entertainment where many just end up throwing away their money or get addicted. I'm not against it, I just prefer using that money on something else materialistic. I ended up playing and I went home with an extra $15 in my pocket from slot machines, since I don't know how to play any table games!
Great Blue Heron - Port Perry - 21777 Island Road 


Monday, 20 May 2013

[20.05.13] VICTORIA DAY

Happy Victoria Day to all my Canadians! :) A celebration in honour of Queen Victoria's birthday! Since majority of the malls, shops, ect wasn't open. My friends and I went out for dim sum, Menchies, and just chilled at my place and went swimming. I didn't end up going out later during the night to watch fireworks, but I could see them through my window! Must focus on school and work all this week! 

 I ended up getting fruit loop flavoured froyo, and bubble gum flavour, topped with graham cookie crumbles and sprinkles! 

 I stopped by T&T and purchased some black sesame ice cream and my favourite brand of kimchi ! The desserts were tempting though.

I finally had time to put up my polaroid pictures up in my room. I also cooked dinner tonight! I'm not a chief, so something as simple as an omelette, onion and mushroom, spam, kimchi and rice was achievable! (and delicious). 


I've been noticing a animal trend going on for awhile now and I've jumped onto the bandwagon as well! I purchased a cat muscle tee from Forever 21 during the winter and I have been loving it since! Here's how I styled mine :) 
Cat muscle tee - Forever 21 // Cat beanie - EBay // Bow shorts - Taishan market // Tights - ASOS 
Lipstick - Matte Charmed I'm Sure - MAC 

 I've been surfing around online shops and I found some more! Enjoy!

Character Hero Cat's Tee - Urban Outfitters ($24) // UNIF Kitty Swirl Muscle Tee - Urban Outfitters ($74)
 Mountain Kitten Face Oversized Tee - Urban Outfitters ($24) // Relaxed Cat Graphic Tee - Forever 21 ($15.80)
Studded Cat Graphic Muscle Tee - Forever 21 ($15.80) // Black Paw Cat Shirt - ASOS ($78.59)
Lazy Oaf Black Cat Shirt - ASOS ($78.59) // Reverse Skater Dress with Cat Face - ASOS ($78.59)
Cat Tote - Tumblr (N/A) // ASOS Cat Ears Watch - ASOS ($34.93)
Fun Stuff Kitty iPhone 4/4s Case - Urban Outfitters ($16) // Cat Chain Bag - Yesstyle (N/A) 
Cat Muscle Tee - Forever 21 ($15.80) // Cat Studded Muscle Tee - Forever 21 ($15.80)

Saturday, 18 May 2013


Rushing back for a brunch date with my ex roommate, I wore the first things I saw in my closet! We went out for Moxie's for brunch. This is my first time at Moxie's and I'm impress. Although the price for their food is a bit on the expensive side, it did taste really good! I ordered the bacon and egg omelette (I forget the exact name).
Side note; I've been stopped so many times for my tights! Two ladies stopped me today to ask where I got them from :) They're def a hot item!

Outfit of the day: Top + Skirt - Forever 21 // Paris Themed Tights - ASOS // Shoes - Pacific Mall boutique 

We had a catch up session, and it was great to see her one last time before she leaves Toronto for a few months. I'm going to miss her so much. ): 


Friday, 17 May 2013

Filipino Debut [17.05.13]

Today I attended my Filipino friends debut. In short, a debut is a coming of age celebration for young women who are becoming apart of adulthood. I was luck enough to attend one for the second time in my life. The hall was amazing and of course my friend looked amazing. I was able to see a bunch of old friends and made new ones, along with being able to spend some time with my cousins who I haven't seen for a very long time. 
Overall I had an enjoyable evening. The food was good, however majority of it was vegetables and cake. (Not complaining!). 'Cocktail hour' wasn't what I thought and it was just an open bar full of juice and water. Unless you wanted to pay for your alcohol beverages. The celebration started off with speeches, dances, performances and lastly a dance floor. Also, props to my roommate for letting me borrow one of her dresses! It's absolutely amazing! 
Dress - HK (borrowed from roommate)  // Heels - Forever 21

Here are my lovely cousins I grew up with! 
Enjoy! :) I'm about to pass out!


[Travel time yet again]
Today I woke up earlier to mission back home...yet again. I have to attend a friend's debut. A Filipino tradition where a girl's 18th birthday marks the date of them turning into adults. It's a very formal event, almost similar to a wedding for themselves. I'm so exited to see the banquet hall, the decorations, my old friends and family and of course, the birthday girl! 
This is what I wore while travelling back home. Missioning outside of Toronto for a few hours gets very tiring, especially if I did it three/four times just this week. ):

Lace Top - Macy's // Skirt - ZARA Kids // Shoes - Walmart // Floral Headband - Forever 21

 Mom, my sister and I went out to our closest pho restaurant and did some take out! Here's my lunch after arriving! Chicken lemongrass rice with eggs and vegetables! 

I'm not very close with the birthday girl, but I somewhat know what he taste is like! I bought her some macaroons from Cupcakes a la Carte and a bag from This is Spring ! I hope she likes it!

Can't wait for the debut to happen! I'll be sure to show you guys some pictures later on!
Enjoy :)