Sunday, 30 June 2013


Lately I haven't been constantly updating my blog. I figured showing you guys what I wore throughout the week within one post would be much easier. So, here it is! 
Which outfit did you like the most? :)
Black Cardigan - H&M // Lace Tank top - Sirens // Oui/Non Belt - ASOS // Circle Skirt - Forever 21 // Bag - Forever 21 //

 Bandana - Boutique // Stripped shirt - Urban Ourfitters // Bat Wing Cardigan - Marshalls // "LOVE" belt - Forever 21 // High waisted Shorts - Forever 21 // Mickey Mouse Watch - ONES //

 Bat wing Cardigan - Marshalls // Bustier - Garage // "LOVE" Belt - Forever 21 // Maxi skirt - 'Spoof' boutique //

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Black x Plaid

Lately I've been in the mood to wear darker clothes. Maybe it's the rainy season or the blasting AC at home? Today I decided to pull out my plaid skirt that I tend to wear during winter. I paired it with my cropped neck shell top from Topshop. I purposely allowed for my bra straps to show, it creates a nice dimension. Pairing the strap shoes helped match my top.
Neck Shell Top - Topshop // Shades - Forever 21 // Plaid Skirt - Forever 21 ($6) // Black Cardigan - H&M // Strapped Wedges - ALDO //

 Armour ring - Ebay // 

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


First off, I have to say that I love social media for informing me on amazing opportunities and experiences. Today I was able to help out at Toronto's FCUK/French Connection fashion show hosted by Mindshare. It was an interesting experience to be able to help out with the setting up and the behind the scenes work. Of course I'm just simply a young teen who doesn't know anything about the fashion industry, it's nice to see what actually goes on, even if it's a smaller scale showcase.
Today I helped out with the setting up, unboxing, packing, dressing the models and helping the show run smoothly. The fashion show consists of showing off current trends of the season which included: florals, printed pants, and much more.
 A nice refreshment (iced coffee) at Le Prep as I searched for the building.

Top: Blue Notes // Skirt - Forever 21 //
As a volunteer for the fashion show, we were asked to dress in all black to be more identifiable. This is what I wore, along with basic heels. Nothing fancy!
Excuse the iPhone quality pics, I wasn't sure if I was allowed taking pictures while helping out. I decided to snap creeper shots with my phone!

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

[21.06.13] pt.2

Exploring Toronto's Queen street tends to mean entering boutiques and vintage stores. Here a more pictures i took throughout the day!  

// Left side: Brandy Melvielle store // middle: The black market vintage store // right side: TOPSHOP at the Bay //
I resisted the urge if the TOPSHOP sales and other cute items I spotted since I need to save on money. However, I did end up purchasing two items from Urban Outfitters for $1 each! A disposable camera with moustache shaped prints and a iPhone 4 case! 
The best part about being downtown on a busy day? Free samples are always being distributed! The twistos bites were delicious and carrying hand cream is always handy.
This is my first time at the beach this summer and it was definitely a perfect day to be playing in the water and to go tanning with your friends. 



While roaming the streets of Toronto, my best friend I and spotted an alleyway with an adorable sign printed on it. "THIS IS PARADISE" 
Outfit: Cropped top - Sirens (only $6!) // High waisted bow shorts - Forever 21 // 'LOVE' Belt - Forever 21 // Sandals - Nine West // 

Monday, 24 June 2013


[20.06.13] EXPLORING TO: 
I spent the entire day walking around and exploring the shopping areas in Toronto with my two friends who came to visit me. We went from China town area towards Dundas and back and forth (don't ask why, aha!) Prepare for all the snap shots I took throughout the day !
My best friend and I stopped by this boutique on Queen Street West since I noticed a sale going on. Everything in the store is typically $20 and under. Definitely clothing directly immolated from China. I ended up purchasing a maxi skirt (I can't get enough!) which I will show you guys later in the future :)
- Spoof! - 350 Queen Street W - Toronto -  

 I tried mango madness, it tasted good! But red velvet cake tea is definitely my favourite!
 It's always necessary to have a cute tourist photo of Dundas Square ! We did a little shopping too!
 Graffiti art on Kensington Market 
Before heading out, we checked on Groupon (a discount website) for any good deals that we can use during our little adventure. We managed to find a Groupon for MODO: Fruit and Tea House on Spadina. The coupon was worth $14 for any 2 drinks and 2 desserts. Most certainly we'd order the most expensive items on the menu! The drinks were delicious and the desserts (waffle and ice cream) was pretty decent too! The interior of the cafe was all pitched black and very simple. Majority of the tables had a small vase of fake flowers. They also offer free wifi for their customers and games and magazines for entertainment. Check it out if you're int he Toronto area, and for sure grab the groupon offer! We saved around 50% off our total purchase!
- MODO: Fruit and Tea House - 482 Dundas St W - Toronto - 

 Strawberry and Vanilla Waffle and Toast 
 Enjoy for now! There's also part 2 :)