Friday, 19 July 2013


Last month I hardly spent any money on anything besides food. I think this month I should treat myself to a few more items and start saving on all those food costs! My birthday recently passed and here are some gifts I have received from some very special people :) 
I went home on my birthday and spent majority of my day at home with my family. I later went out to grab some patio drinks with a few of my girlfriends.
After coming home, I received a belated gift from my two amazing roommates! Here's what they got me :) 

I haven't used the nail kit yet, but it looks adorable! Their card was really silly and cute! And the Juicy Couture perfume smells great, Im not too fond of the lipgloss though!
My best friend recently came to visit me and I found these amazing gifts on my bed after work! :) A brow kit (perfect since I actually needed one!) and a souvenir cup from Vancouver !

Lately, I've been becoming obsessed with prints on my clothing, particularly floral that looks like sketches. In mainly blue and white. You'll know what I mean when you see what I purchased! Majority of the items I bought are from Forever 21, they had an extra 30% off on sale items!

 H&M Floral Shorts - $12.95 CAD

 Forever 21 

 Forever 21

This is actually my first purchase from Artitiza !
I am in love with anything matcha/green tea related! These delicious asian treats definitely satisfies my tastebuds ! Pocky and Kitkat!
Enjoy ! :) 


  1. Waaaah lovely birthday gifts really c;
    I hope you had a wonderful birthday!
    That F21 printed top is NICE!

  2. omgggg i love all those forever 21 items! :)
    i haven't shopped at forever 21 in a while but i guess i have to go back and look at their stuff! :)