Wednesday, 3 December 2014

OUTFIT: Elegance //

Super late post from spring. Decided to share :)
Today my roommate and I decided to take a few photos outdoor. I picked up this maxi dress recently with the intentions of going to formal with it. If I was going out for a special occasion again, this is definitely something I would choose. Paired with my gold choker, I thought that gold accents will definitely compliment the elegant look. This maxi dress can definitely be dress up and down and perfect for almost any occasion.
Enjoy ! 
OUTIFT: Maxi Dress - Urban Planet // Choker necklace - Forever 21 // Shoes - Forever 21 // 
(haha, you can see my shorts underneath my maxi dress! opps !!) 

Sunday, 13 April 2014


It's currently exam season. (what am I doing on here?) I decided to wear this to my exam the other day. Who knew my rushed outfit turned into something I'm lovin' right now? Inspired by the New Yorkers, I finally purchased a pair of Nike's. I've been on a hunt for two months now looking for the perfect pair, which still hasn't been found. These will do for now, purchased for $55 at JC Penny, not a bad deal considering I was going to purchase a similar pair for $110. Black and White is definitely one of the best combo's, you can't go wrong with it! Not only does my cap keep my bangs in place, these runners are also super comfy! You can always be stylish and be comfy at the same time while studying. 
Enjoy ! 
OUTFIT: Cap - Urban Outfitters // Shades - Forever 21 // Angel Wing Top - Forever 21 // Pants - H&M // Shoes - Nike //


Last month my roommate and I planned a spontaneous trip to New York City for the first time! We left class early and caught the night bus from Toronto to New York. It was such a struggle to get to our destination due to a unexpected snow storm which delayed our trip almost an entire day, which is ok because we made up for it! 
Here's a collage of all the main destinations we photographed. Majority of the photo's were taken using my iPhone 4. Enjoy ! 
We spent a good chunk of our time at the Metropolitan Museum, which is HUGE ! Definitely the best museum I have ever been to, the art work was amazing.

OUTFIT: Ruffle Top - Hollister // Midi Skirt - ASOS // Coat - Zara // Shoes - American Apparel // Cardigan - H&M // Snake-skin Bag - H&M //


Instead of renting a hotel, we decided to search for a place to stay using, we found a cute loft in Brooklyn for only $50/night! Our hosts were absolutely amazing, they helped suggest places to eat and explore and they also provided us with a map, their bike and they even made up home-made brownies! (delicious) Brooklyn only took 25minutes to subway to NYC, so the commute was not bad at all and we eventually mastered the subway system! It was very confusing at first compared to the TTC, but once you understand the map and the streets, it's actually not too bad!
Photo's are taken with my iPhone 4. 

OUTFIT: Coat - UNIF // Ripped Boyfriend Jeans - Abercrombie // Shoes - Forever 21// Snake-skin Bag - H&M // Hat - Forever 21 // 

When we were in the city, we honestly went into every cafe/restaurant that looked delicious ! I think thats were majority of our money ended up being spent on. Some restaurants were a hit and others were a miss. NYC street food was really delicious though ! 

 We can't be a tourist and not visit the Empire State, the view was absolutely stunning! A very peaceful sight, disregarding the windy day. We went up before the sun set and left when the sun was set. A sight that I would die to see every night, the city really is amazing! 
New York City, you are missed! 

Toronto Bridal Show // 11.04.14

This year I had the opportunity to attend the annual Toronto Bridal Show located at Direct Energy Centre with my older sister! I was expecting a larger venue and a bigger variety of booths, but they all seemed to be along the lines of DJ promotion, photographers and make-up artists. (Which is expected, I guess?) Overall, I had an enjoyable time and for the first time it made me think about my own wedding (which is far from now, haha). This is what I wore; (The weather is finally looking pleasant!)

OUTFIT: Scarf DIY - Mood Fabric Store // Crop Mesh Top - Urban Outfitters // Necklace - Indigo // Maxi Skirt - Forever 21 // Shoes - (thrifted) The Black Market //

Saturday, 12 April 2014


Spring is just right around the corner, and since I'm addicted to constantly changing up my room and keeping it tidy, I had to re-vamp it for the new season! I decided to move my polaroids around and change my display on top of my bed! Enjoy ! 

Sunday, 9 February 2014


Time flies when you're having fun (or being super busy) ! 
Either way, the month of January somewhat flew by quickly. It had it's up and down's but I'll save that for another post! Valentines Day is just around the corner, and although I've never actually celebrated it with a person of the opposite sex, it doesn'2 mean I despise it! 
Here's my Valentine's Day pick! 

[left to right] Stud Earrings - Forever 21 // 'Notebook' Clutch - ALDO Accessories // Pastel Pink Shoes - Urban Outfitters // Lace Cut-Out Dress - Forever 21 // Stila Lip set - ASOS // Blue Flowy Dress - ASOS // 'Be Mine' Heart-Shaped Clutches - ALDO // Benefits make-up set // Red Heart Shaped Dress - Forever 21 // Polaroid - Ebay //