Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Actually. There isn't much to update you guys on right now. Life has been pretty bland, the most exciting part of it is going to work and school -sarcasm- I've been spending the past few days cleaning the house and working on my paper which I hope I can complete it by the end of today ! (Wish me luck) I currently don't have my tripod with me, it has been borrowed by someone else, so I'm trying to figure out alternatives ):
I did go to the mall a few times though whenever I am coming back from school or need a small break from my paper. Here's the random things I bought!
 Bath and Body Works 
Because I'm running out of ideas of what I can post at the moment, here's what I've been applying on my face lately ! 
ELF palette // Toki Doki Brushes // Clinique Foundation // 'GO Brow' Eyebrow kit // Cover Girl Powder //
Enjoy for now! I have plans during the weekend and more photos to post, it's just not the right timing yet! :) 

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