Friday, 20 December 2013


Did a spontaneous Christmas themed photo shoot with my roommates last night! Here's the results ! Merry Christmas and have a great holiday break everyone ! xoxo -

Hat - Doller Store // Chocker - Forever 21 // Dress - Forever 21 // Belt - H&M // Shoes - Nine West //

Thursday, 19 December 2013


"Indeed, why expose everything when a flash of ankle or well-turned calf is so much more alluring..." - Vogue 
The midi skirt has been around since the 50's and it appears to be coming back. The elegant and sophisticated look is definitely timeless and most certainly more proper looking compared to mini skirts. I've been noticing the new trend of midi skirts popping up in big chain retail stores, and I've previously owned one during last summer. I'm increasingly becoming fond of the new fall/winter trend.
[Photos taken from]
Antonio Marras Autumn/Winter 2013 //
Hermes Autumn/Winter 2013 //
Rochas Autumn/Winter 2013 //
Your thoughts on midi skirts? 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Exam season for me is finally over and to celebrate, my roommate and I decided to go out on a date ! However, the weather was really bad, we found other alternatives. This is what I decided to wear!
 Jacket - UNIF // 
Army jacket - Urban Outfitters // Velvet Cropped Top - GARAGE // Chocker - Forever 21 // Shorts - Forever 21 // Socks - ROOTS // Shoes - Forever 21 //

 We ended up eating dinner at a family restaurant. Swiss Chalet and we ran errands around the mall and had friends over. Just a simple chill night.

Enjoy ! 

Monday, 16 December 2013


[Nov 7th] It's constantly hectic, but in a good way! I'm really enjoying this semester in school. This month is dedicated to being more charitable and become more selfless. I've made it a goal last month to volunteer my time to the community or an organization for at least once a month. Balance work, school work, club actives, my own personal time and volunteering, it gets difficult if you don't learn to time management everything. I'm still learning since sleeping at 5am isn't really considered 'time managing'.
With the lack of sleep, the most I can do is ensure I eat properly. (Which I slack on sometimes)
Last month I purchased a blending machine for only $20! I'm planning on making different blends and start to eat healthier!

Candles - Bath and Body Works // Polaroid // Scarf - M for Mendocino // Chatime - bubble tea // iPad Mini // Macaroons //

November was filled with special birthdays! My roommate finally turned 20, and I made her a mini scavenger hunt since I wasn't going to be in town to celebrate with her.
 I purchased a Thomas and Train piƱata for her since we spoke about how she never had one as a child. Re-creating her Canadian childhood now ! Aha, filled with candy, I also purchased shoes for her from Forever 21//
 Another special birthday was my very own mothers'! 

[Nov 28th]
It's now nearing the end of the month and I am re-reading what I have written at the beginning of the month. This is the last week of class before finals and I just handed in my last assignment yesterday. Everything feels so bittersweet. After the Christmas holidays, 2013 is officially over. Quick, eh?
I started to develop a to-do list for this coming season. Hopefully I can complete atlas half of what I want to do! Last month was special in a way. I met a lovely lady who is teaching me more about life everyday and sometimes having heartaches leads you to become stronger. Most certainly you become bitter at first, but I'm surely yet slowly recovering! 
Sometimes waiting for that special someone is just so much more worth it than rushing it. I'm still young (something I always forget). Take it one step at a time ! 

Thursday, 12 December 2013


Digging through my pictures and I find some edited photos that I never bothered to upload. Since I've been lacking on posts, I decided to quickly upload this before I head to bed.
This post should've been published 1.5months ago,aha! [slacking!]
I went out for lunch with my ex-roommate and this is what I wore. Whenever I lack imagination on what to wear, I resort to the black x white combo. You can never go wrong with it. Layered my lace top with a detachable fur for more texture. 
Too bad it's not warm enough to just wear thigh highs anymore. 
 Fur - H&M // Cardigan - Thrifted // Lace top - MACY // Asymmetrical Skort - Ebay // Thigh Highs - Forever 21 //

 Here's the delicious photo of my breakfast from Cora's ! Yummmmm

We ended up shopping at the mall and I finally purchased my first pair of candles from Bath & Body works for my room! 
I've currently finished my Warm Vanilla Sugar, it smells delicious with a warm undertone. Perfect for winter nights. These last very long too. Try to burn your candles for less than an hour to use it effectively. 
Enjoy ! 

Sunday, 8 December 2013


Being a previous employer at ESPRIT, it is natural for me to occasionally check out the latest collection. Although their physical store is not available in North America anymore, I still like to update myself on their latest collections. You can still purchase their brand through The Bay, however I believe their online website for shipping to North America also close down. 
[Photos all credited towards ESPRIT 'Travel in Style' Post]

I personally think the ESPRIT brand is more on the business casual, modern and simple sophisticated look where nothing is every cluttered. There is definitely a European-style feel towards these photographs! Here's my pick from the European website! I noticed that they don't offer an E-Shop for many countries.