Thursday, 18 July 2013


[07.17.13] CONCERT: 
This has definitely been one of the best concerts I have ever attended! Luckily, my best friend told me to buy tickets way ahead of time and that morning, like many others, we fought to get good/decent seats. We settled for the 200's on the side of the stage (which ended up being one of the best seats ever!) I'm not the biggest fan of Justin Timberlake, I only know a handful of his old and new songs but I did enjoy Suit and Tie and Mirrors a lot! I think I was more excited to see Jay-Z, but sadly he didn't preform as much as JT did. The concert took place at the Roger Centre and the entire place was sold out! It was their first show of their tour and they totally rocked it! The vibe was great and everyone was singing along and dancing along while they sang. I also made shirts for the concert (similar to my FUN shirts). I went with my sister and my best friend who luckily hasn't left the country yet !
Why did my seat turn out to be one of the best?? It turns out Drake and his buddies also came to watch the show and they were only one floor on top of us! He kept on distracting the crowd but I swear he made eye contact with me and waved! -fan girl moment- I did get distracted the whole time though, I kept looking up (as did everyone in that section did too). Seeing 3 singers in one concert was fantastic ! Here are some pictures I captured throughout the day !

I met up with my best friend and sister at Eaton Centre and we ventured off to grab some bento boxes before heading out to the concert. My to-go sushi place close to the Roger's Centre is always __. Typically all the basic bento boxes are $10! It's not the best you can find in town but it does the job! 

Chicken Teriyaki, shrimp tempura and california rolls all for $10 ! 

Black and white outfit ! 

I had such a great time! It's totally worth having practically no sleep the next day and having to attend school and work for the entire day. After this concert, I think it got me hooked! I want to attend more future concerts and Holy Grail is still stuck in my head!
Enjoy :) 

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  1. Hey there! Glad you've enjoyed the JT concert c:
    I have own 2 his older albums and I've recently
    listen to his newest album. To be honest, I like
    his older works better..
    Anyway you look nice c: Xx