Thursday, 25 July 2013


Since I spent so much money on food last month, I decided to slow it down and cheap it out (not really). I made dinner with my roommate last night and we made it fancy, similar to what we'd get from a nice restaurant, except this was inexpensive! Steak and asparagus served with wine and fruits on the side. Sadly the sides had too much fat around it, but other than that it's delicious! (I swear!) 

I went downtown with a girlfriend the same night and here's what I wore! We roamed the streets of Toronto, half people watching half exploring, it was a very calm evening. I love the unexpected carefree nights the most, it makes me appreciate the freedom and the endless possibilities.
Outfit: Crop top - TOPSHOP // Skirt - Ebay //"Love" Belt - Forever 21 // Bag - Coach //

Earrings - Forever 21 //
Heels - ALDO //
Enjoy! :) 

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