Friday, 17 May 2013


[Travel time yet again]
Today I woke up earlier to mission back home...yet again. I have to attend a friend's debut. A Filipino tradition where a girl's 18th birthday marks the date of them turning into adults. It's a very formal event, almost similar to a wedding for themselves. I'm so exited to see the banquet hall, the decorations, my old friends and family and of course, the birthday girl! 
This is what I wore while travelling back home. Missioning outside of Toronto for a few hours gets very tiring, especially if I did it three/four times just this week. ):

Lace Top - Macy's // Skirt - ZARA Kids // Shoes - Walmart // Floral Headband - Forever 21

 Mom, my sister and I went out to our closest pho restaurant and did some take out! Here's my lunch after arriving! Chicken lemongrass rice with eggs and vegetables! 

I'm not very close with the birthday girl, but I somewhat know what he taste is like! I bought her some macaroons from Cupcakes a la Carte and a bag from This is Spring ! I hope she likes it!

Can't wait for the debut to happen! I'll be sure to show you guys some pictures later on!
Enjoy :) 

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