Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Today was a errand full day, running around back and forth from the bank and filling out paper work. I spent majority of my day at school, I'm a bit behind on school work. Must do some catching up! 

Outfit of the Day: Cape cardigan - Marshalls // Black lace tank - Sirens // Cross sequence shorts - EBay // Shoes - Forever21 // Lipstick - Miracle by NYX

 Instead of always going out for food, I really need to start learning to cook for myself! For breakfast I made some eggs and sausages with instant milk tea on the side. Delicious ! 
I think I finally lined up my main sumer 2013 shoes ! Here are my picks! :) All under $20 each!

(Top row) Ballet Shoes - Forever21 // Cut outs - Marshalls
White sandals - Walmart (Only $9!) // Kimichi Blue Shoes - Urban Outfitters 
 Heart phone case - Urban Outfitters // Cat eye sunglasses - Forever21 // Heels - Forever 21

After class, I met up with my boyfriend and my friend and we all went out for some froyo (: I ended up getting vanilla raspberry cupcake flavoured yogurt with ice cream cone flavoured yogurt topped with sprinkles, cheesecake crumble and strawberries! Delicious on a hot summer day!
 We were suppose to set off fireworks at a near by park from Victoria Day left over's, but the boys had a spontaneous craving to visit the Great Blue Heron; a Casino. I personally don't fancy Casino's. I see it as a place of entertainment where many just end up throwing away their money or get addicted. I'm not against it, I just prefer using that money on something else materialistic. I ended up playing and I went home with an extra $15 in my pocket from slot machines, since I don't know how to play any table games!
Great Blue Heron - Port Perry - 21777 Island Road 



  1. Mhmm I love froyo's c:
    And good job for winning that
    15 bucks :P You look cute and
    nice Summer shoes!


  2. Your outfit is so cute! I love those shorts and the mint cut out shoes <3