Monday, 20 May 2013

[20.05.13] VICTORIA DAY

Happy Victoria Day to all my Canadians! :) A celebration in honour of Queen Victoria's birthday! Since majority of the malls, shops, ect wasn't open. My friends and I went out for dim sum, Menchies, and just chilled at my place and went swimming. I didn't end up going out later during the night to watch fireworks, but I could see them through my window! Must focus on school and work all this week! 

 I ended up getting fruit loop flavoured froyo, and bubble gum flavour, topped with graham cookie crumbles and sprinkles! 

 I stopped by T&T and purchased some black sesame ice cream and my favourite brand of kimchi ! The desserts were tempting though.

I finally had time to put up my polaroid pictures up in my room. I also cooked dinner tonight! I'm not a chief, so something as simple as an omelette, onion and mushroom, spam, kimchi and rice was achievable! (and delicious). 

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