Thursday, 30 May 2013


Sorry for the lack of posts! I've been busy with work and school, but today is finally my last day class for the week! :) ...I'm working all weekend though! ):
I've been creeping through Twitter lately, and I just started following the Hudsons Bay Company on Twitter aka The Bay. I spotted an incoming amazing deal!

Attention all Canadians! Bay Canada is having a cyber sale on June 4th for TOPSHOPS Spring collection, all regular priced items are 40% off! What a deal! You have to purchase from the Hudson Bay Company, which will direct you to their TOPSHOP site. 

Here are my picks that I'm most likely purchasing! :) Enoy! 
Compared to the UK website, there is definitely less selections. I had a few items picked out from the UK site, but unfortunately they don't have the same products in the Hudson Bay site. ):


  1. I had no idea that The Bay even had Topshop for sale online - thanks for posting this! Love your choices from the sale. x E

  2. Lucky Canadians!! I love TOPSHOP c: xx