Thursday, 12 December 2013


Digging through my pictures and I find some edited photos that I never bothered to upload. Since I've been lacking on posts, I decided to quickly upload this before I head to bed.
This post should've been published 1.5months ago,aha! [slacking!]
I went out for lunch with my ex-roommate and this is what I wore. Whenever I lack imagination on what to wear, I resort to the black x white combo. You can never go wrong with it. Layered my lace top with a detachable fur for more texture. 
Too bad it's not warm enough to just wear thigh highs anymore. 
 Fur - H&M // Cardigan - Thrifted // Lace top - MACY // Asymmetrical Skort - Ebay // Thigh Highs - Forever 21 //

 Here's the delicious photo of my breakfast from Cora's ! Yummmmm

We ended up shopping at the mall and I finally purchased my first pair of candles from Bath & Body works for my room! 
I've currently finished my Warm Vanilla Sugar, it smells delicious with a warm undertone. Perfect for winter nights. These last very long too. Try to burn your candles for less than an hour to use it effectively. 
Enjoy ! 

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