Sunday, 8 December 2013


Being a previous employer at ESPRIT, it is natural for me to occasionally check out the latest collection. Although their physical store is not available in North America anymore, I still like to update myself on their latest collections. You can still purchase their brand through The Bay, however I believe their online website for shipping to North America also close down. 
[Photos all credited towards ESPRIT 'Travel in Style' Post]

I personally think the ESPRIT brand is more on the business casual, modern and simple sophisticated look where nothing is every cluttered. There is definitely a European-style feel towards these photographs! Here's my pick from the European website! I noticed that they don't offer an E-Shop for many countries. 


  1. I can't believe there's not Esprit anymore in
    north America :o I remember I have bought
    a nice shirt at Esprit store in NY '10
    I use to like Esprit because of their quality
    but I don't know why but their clothes and
    fabric are not so good as they used to be..


  2. I always kind of liked ESPRIT clothing. Seemed like they had good basics but not sure why it never really hit it off or got popular here in USA which is a bit sad. I like the pieces you picked out ^_^ especially the skirt!! perfect for winter, very classy. keep in touch <3

    Joyce @