Monday, 16 December 2013


[Nov 7th] It's constantly hectic, but in a good way! I'm really enjoying this semester in school. This month is dedicated to being more charitable and become more selfless. I've made it a goal last month to volunteer my time to the community or an organization for at least once a month. Balance work, school work, club actives, my own personal time and volunteering, it gets difficult if you don't learn to time management everything. I'm still learning since sleeping at 5am isn't really considered 'time managing'.
With the lack of sleep, the most I can do is ensure I eat properly. (Which I slack on sometimes)
Last month I purchased a blending machine for only $20! I'm planning on making different blends and start to eat healthier!

Candles - Bath and Body Works // Polaroid // Scarf - M for Mendocino // Chatime - bubble tea // iPad Mini // Macaroons //

November was filled with special birthdays! My roommate finally turned 20, and I made her a mini scavenger hunt since I wasn't going to be in town to celebrate with her.
 I purchased a Thomas and Train piñata for her since we spoke about how she never had one as a child. Re-creating her Canadian childhood now ! Aha, filled with candy, I also purchased shoes for her from Forever 21//
 Another special birthday was my very own mothers'! 

[Nov 28th]
It's now nearing the end of the month and I am re-reading what I have written at the beginning of the month. This is the last week of class before finals and I just handed in my last assignment yesterday. Everything feels so bittersweet. After the Christmas holidays, 2013 is officially over. Quick, eh?
I started to develop a to-do list for this coming season. Hopefully I can complete atlas half of what I want to do! Last month was special in a way. I met a lovely lady who is teaching me more about life everyday and sometimes having heartaches leads you to become stronger. Most certainly you become bitter at first, but I'm surely yet slowly recovering! 
Sometimes waiting for that special someone is just so much more worth it than rushing it. I'm still young (something I always forget). Take it one step at a time ! 

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  1. That's pretty a bargain a blender for just 20
    bucks, can't wait for future smooties and drinks
    by you c: I thought the Thomas and Train
    pinata is cute :P xx