Monday, 9 September 2013

REVIEW: Portobello Restaurant & Bar

I went out for dinner with a friend at Portobello Restaurant & Bar a few weeks back since there was a Groupon for it! When I first saw the restaurant outside I wasn't pleased with the display, however the inside interior makes up for it! 
- 995 Bay Street - Toronto - 
There was only one person serving food that evening and it was the chief, so I assume this small restaurant is independently owned? The server was very nice and I can tell her took his time to create and serve our food. 

Salmon with fruits as the first course meal. The proportions were small but suitable since we were eating a 4 course meal. 
 2nd course meal: Soup of the day
To be honest, the soup didn't look very appetizing but it ended being one of my favourite meals! It was very creamy and it had just the right blend!
 3rd course meal: I ended up picking the "Lobster Ravioli stuffed with Lobster in rose sauce" (on the left) 
The proportions were WAY to small, and I was still hungry after. I wasn't satisfied with the main dish! Although it was delicious, I couldn't taste the lobster in the ravioli and there was only around 5-8 stuffed ravioli. 
 Last but not least; the 4th course was dessert. We both ordered Tiramisu. The texture was too wet for my liking, I could tell it was made days before and left in the freezer and deforested which resulted in the wet texture. 

Overall, I don't think I would go back to this restaurant. The atmosphere was nice and the server was amazing. But the proportions were not as good as I thought it'd be. 
Enjoy :) ! 

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