Saturday, 21 September 2013


Last weekend, my family and I planned a trip to visit my aunt! Took me awhile to find time to upload, but here it is! :) 
Time flies by so quickly. My family and I have been planning to send my sister and I to Boston for a very long time now. Over the years it's been all talk, and no action. My aunt has been living in Boston for the past 12 years and no one from our family has gone out to visit her. This summer we actually started to plan it, and this long lost promise has finally occurred ! :)
The flight only took an hour and when we arrived to Boston Logan international airport it was raining. I didn't know what to expect in terms of weather (I did check the temperature beforehand), but this weekend turned out to be a tad chilly. First we dropped off our bags at my aunts house. A warm cozy townhouse in Waltham. 
A warm cozy place with only my aunt living here. 
After unpacking and settling down, we went out for breakfast, which ended up being dim sum. 
The food was authentic, cheap and decent. The building was very traditional and china-like. 

We later went out for groceries at a Korean supermarket; H Mart. There are H-Marts in Toronto, but I've never been to such a big one! I had so much fun exploring, everything looked so cute! 
My sister and I ordered shaved ice with red bean and fruits. :) and we purchased random Asian goodies. This H-Mart also gave away free samples, I went around trying everything, aha.

Kimchi Paradise !

We later drove up to Wrentham Village Premium outlets to shop around. Personally I didn't like this outlet. I've been to other outlets before and I definitely find they were cheaper. I didn't end up purchasing anything. It was nice to tour around though ! 

 Outfit: Top - H&M // Zara look-a-like skort - EBay // Cross necklace - Aldo // Bag - Abercrombie // Shoes - Nine West // 

Lastly, we went out for dinner at a Taiwanese restaurant called Mulan. To be honest, I couldn't tell the difference between regular Hong Kong food and Taiwanese food. (Don't be offended!) 
Enjoy ! :) 

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  1. Wowieee Boston has a true Korean
    supermarket :D very nice ^^ looks
    like you had a great time c: XX