Wednesday, 25 September 2013


This morning we started our day off with some typical American breakfast at Pickle. The wait time was long, and the lines were long. That's what you know it's worth it! And it did end up being worth it. The atmosphere of the place was very chill. And since it was the weekend, I can see lots of hungover college students coming in, aha. I ordered the egg basket. Which basically was a toast with eggs inside it, covered with cheese with a side of sausages and hash browns!

We later drive up to Galleria in Boston and we did some small shopping and went onto the trolley tours . Boston truly is a beautiful city, I love the mix feeling of nature from the lake and the many trees, and also the beautiful old buildings are kept in shape! The smaller roads are very narrow, but the houses are nice to look at!

After spending the day in the trolley tours, we went out for dinner at Legal Sea Foods. A higher end sea food restaurant, which was delicious! I ordered lobster pasta and we had sweet chilli clams as a side. 

We ended the night with a surprise birthday celebration for my grandma. She's 69 now :)

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