Friday, 30 August 2013


I went to the ROM: Royal Ontario Museum with my friends for the first time a few days ago! Did you know it's free with proof of student status on Tuesdays? I didn't know what to expect, I knew the museum was pretty big but I didn't know I would have as much fun as I did! 
I took over 150 pictures, but I figured I should pick a few and show you guys instead of spamming you with too many unnecessary pics! 
**Side Note: I'm finally done summer school which means I don't have too much to stress over (besides my final marks). It's officially summer for me for 2 weeks before heading back to school (again) ): This doesn't mean I should have an excuse to drink every night. 

 Outfit: Stripped Shirt - Urban Outfitters // Ruffled Shorts - Hollister // Bag - H&M // Shades - Forever 21 // 

 My favourite section in the entire museum was definitely looking at cool dinosaur fossils! 

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  1. looks like a great museum, love your outfit, so cute . . .