Wednesday, 28 August 2013


This was my last time meeting up with my best friend before she leaves  the country for a very long time. ): I let her choose the restaurant for our lunch date and we both settled for Brownstone Bistro: Bar & Grill. - 603 Yonge Street - The restaurant isn't too far from Bay Station, we walked from Eaton Centre to get to the restaurant. 

 I enjoyed the atmosphere of the restaurant. The waitress was very nice since we were waiting on another friend, luckily it wasn't busy. The design is very simple and if the lights were dimmed, it'd have a very nice romantic feel. 
 The menu consisted mostly of sandwiches, pastas, pizzas, and greens. I'm not a fan of ordering sandwiches at restaurants, so I settled for pasta. 

 I ordered: Fresh Linguini with salmon, tomato, basil, and capers in a while win al olio 
Overal the pasta was alright. It was too greasy and the closer you got to finishing the plate the more salty it was, adding salmon did help make it less salty. The portions were perfect and I did enjoy the salmon chunks the most. 
 I've had a few friends hype Chatime, a bubble tea store before, so I decided to finally try it! It really is delicious but maybe too sweet. I ordered matcha red bean bubble tea.
The store is really small and but it was very busy!

Enjoy! :) Summer is almost over ! 

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