Saturday, 17 August 2013


I'm going to stop apologizing so often if I forget/take a very long time to form a new blog post. My excuse? I didn't bring my camera with me back to my parent's house and there was nothing exciting worth blogging. Today I had a 10 hour shift at work and this is what I wore:
To be honest, I am somewhat a trend-follwer (depending on if I like it or not) and the whole "Tie your shirt to your waist"/ grungy trend is re-appearing this fall. This was something I use to do as a kid with a sweater when I needed to hold onto it. Now it's back again, but this time it's fashionable ! I'd like to invest in a plaid shirt soon, but my broke ass prevents me from purchasing one from a decent retail store. So, time for thrift shopping soon! 
Skull Necklace - Claire's // Velvet Black Dress - Forever 21 // Shirt - Forever 21 // Shoes - Forever 21 //

 Over the weekend I did cave and purchased a pair of these classic comfy Roots sweat pants that I never owned. I purchased it from an outlet store (which means it was cheaper than normal). Since Roots was celebrating it's 40th anniversary, all sweats were an extra 30% off! Mine ended up being $30, which is half of what it's normally worth! They're an amazing quality and I can't help but wear it around the house everyday.
 I went on a mini thrifting trip with my mom the other day, but since we were in a rush, I only managed to look at the book section and I ended up picking up the Lauren Conrad book for $5. Not sure how to feel about it yet, and I have no clue what to expect from it but I did hear it was an easy read! 
I am currently reading "The Happiness Project", I personally recommend it to everyone, especially people who are like me and who do so much during their day without having the time to sit back and think about what just happened. This book has given me lots of different mixed feelings and has taught me to think differently. It's definitely a great experience to open your eyes more and think about what really makes you happy. 
Enjoy !


  1. I still can't get over those boots from Forever21! They look so similar to Chloe (but im assuming with fraction of the price) hahah. I really liked your outfit :) xx

  2. A 30buck sweatpants is quite alot for me,
    I usually buy one that are like 5buck haha.
    Anyway you look great as usual c: good
    luck scoring that plaid shirt! Xx