Friday, 14 June 2013

Souvenirs from VEGAS

Sorry I haven't been updating! This week has been pretty terrible and emotional, along with a bunch of school assignments and midterms coming up. Trying to keep my head up and so far, things are slowly going back to normal! Once all the bad things happen. You can only look forward to the good!

Image from Tumblr
Last week my mom went to Las Vegas with a bunch of her girlfriends for a short vacation (jealous!) and she brought me home some tiny gifts :) My mom went to visit the Grand Canyon, and she watched Cirque Du Soleil too! 

 Shoes - Nine West //
 "I -heart LV" beer bottle opener // Honey Roasted Macadamias 
To be honest, these can of Macadamias were the best things I've ever tasted! They're so flavourful and addicting! I finished the whole can already, and I'm craving for more !
Enjoy ! I'll be back with a bunch of updates!

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  1. Good luck with school Kar Yan! I sure
    know how you feel! Mhmm macadamias <3
    I like! Xx