Saturday, 15 June 2013

Good Bye My Dear Friend.

One of my closest friend just left to Hong Kong for vacation/summer school abroad and we spent his last day with a mini farewell dinner at Wild Wings, and we all went to see him off at the airport. An emotional day and a very memorable one too. I've known him for over a year now, but not till recent did we get very close. He's now considered one of my very close friends, a family, and someone who's always there for me. When you see someone practically everyday you begin to miss them a lot even though you know they'll be back home soon. 
Thanks for always being there for me bro, thanks for those amazing two months, thanks for always being down to chill with me, thanks for driving me everywhere, thanks for being there for me when my days were tough, and thanks for just being an amazing friend. This guy is the nicest person I ever met in my life. And I'm glad we got close. :) Now I can't wait to hear his stories during his vacation! 
Plane mail, a photograph and money to buy himself a shot since I won't be there to party with him, aha ;)

This is what I wore:
Cardigan - Thrifted // Bustier Top - Garage // Skirt - DIY //

For dinner, we went to Wild Wings! This was my first time here and I liked the atmosphere, but to be honest I prefer wings from St Louis! We ordered 5 different flavours of wings; honey garlic, black jack, all dressed, and I forget the other two! Aha, and for appetizers we ordered two calamari, one peeled potato skins and onion wings!

And lastly, we made round to say final good byes to friends before sending him off to the airport (Toronto Pearson Airport!) 
Going to miss my buddy lots! :') I'm blessed to have met such amazing people in my life so far!
Enjoy ! 

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