Tuesday, 11 June 2013

OP: Maroon x Black

The weather has been kinda gloomy lately which puts me in a mood to dress up in dark colours. I was a HUGE fan of mixing maroon and black during the winter month so I decided to bring that back! 
Hat - forever 21 // muscle tee - forever 21 // maroon skirt - Katie botique // kimchi blue heels - Urban Outfitters // 

*Side note: I've been working on a paper all day and somewhat of yesterday. ): Writer's block sucks, and I'm not the best at writing which equals double the trouble when I'm trying to quickly get this over with! Midterm season is starting to hit us summer school kids real soon, so hopefully I can have some fun before that hits me! More updates to come after I finish my assignments!

What's your two favourite colours to mix? 


  1. very cool outfit!


  2. I loved wearing black and maroon during the winter as well - I love how you found a way to continue wearing it into spring and summer! Love your hat as well. xxE