Monday, 10 June 2013

OP: Skeletons && Floral Crowns

I wore this outfit a month ago but I decided to re-create it and take some photos. As for the floral crown, it was a simple 3min DIY project with leftover flowers that I had from way back. 
Floral crown - DIY // Skeleton tank - Sirens  // Maxi Skirt - Blue Notes // Kimichi Blue Heels - Urban Outfitters //

*Side note: I've heard from my mom and sister that our 13 year old Golden Retriever; Lucy, isn't doing too well lately. She's been getting old and she's been part of my life for the longest time. Typically they're suppose to live till 10-12 years, and she's already been past that point. I still remember the day I brought her home and why I choose her amongst the other dogs. I pray that she gets abit better but I know that she's getting very old and eventually she'll have to leave us.
Enjoy ! 


  1. Amazing outfit. I love both the top and the maxi skirt. <3
    I'm sorry to hear about your dog :( I hope she'll get a bit better too!

  2. You loook cuuute! Love the DIY
    flower crown c; and I'm sorry
    to hear about your dog :c get
    well soonish! Xx