Saturday, 15 June 2013

[14.06.13] && [15.06.13]

[14.06.13] && [15.06.13] OOTD:
On 14.06.13, I went to school and this is what I wore! I thought it looked cold outside so I decided to bring out my fur scarf, turns out I started sweating by the time I got to school (gross) Dressed too warm, aha I should start checking the weather more often. This day turned out to be one hell of a terrible day. I  -almost- missed handing in my paper. I saw the prof walking to her car, if I was even one minute late, I'd just kill myself there. &&I ended up losing my wallet. Luckily someone turned it in the next day! Almost died of a heart attack! I'm so lucky, thank the kind staff member for doing that!!
Fur Scarf - H&M // Top - Urban Planet // Circle Skirt - Forever 21 // 

 Today [15.06.13] I spent my morning at work, while running on 2 hours of sleep since I was up studying with my boyfriend and making sure he woke up in time for his midterm. So stressful. After work, I came home to study and to pick up. I'm visiting my parents for Fathers Day!
Lace Top - Blue Notes // Cross Necklace  - Aldo Accessories // High-Low Skirt - Forever 21 // Pure - Le Chateau (gift from my best friend) //

Last week's favourites: 
Jager - Starting to like this stuff! Influenced by my one friend aha
COSMOPOLITAN - I love reading this magazine! I definitely need to get a subscription! 
Floral Crowns - (DIY) I've always had a thing for floral crowns (so girly) 
Body Lotion - From Crabtree Evelyn 

Today at work, a club promoter came by our store and gave us a couple of free admission tickets to tonight's Guvernment GLOW/Paint Party (a Toronto club). Sadly I'm heading back to my parents house tonight, so i can't attend but hopefully my roommate puts good use to it!

Enjoy ! :)

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  1. Ohhh thank God your wallet was in
    good hands!
    Anyway you look nice again c: And
    that club party sounds fun :P if
    you love getting smeared by paint