Monday, 13 May 2013


I went to Pacific Mall today with my family for some dim sum and just to roam around. I find the mall to be overpriced, but the things they sell are so adorable!  You can't go wrong with some froyo of course. Strawberry Cheesecake topped with sprinkles, sliced strawberries and mango from Yutopia inside Pacific Mall.
Since it's expected for restaurants to be packed during Mother's Day. We all decided to go out for dinner the day after. We ate at Lychee Bay Cuisine - 4771 Steeles Ave E, Toronto. The food was delicious! 

 I've been obsessing over David's Tea for awhile now. I use to get it every time I'm on break at work. My goal is to try every flavour! (So not happening). I purchased 'Birthday Cake' sweetened with soy milk. It's absolutely the best combo and so far my favourite, along with Red Velvet Cake! What's yours? 
Now, I'm not the best at naming asian food. So pictures will do! Here's what we ate tonight :) Everything was absolutely amazing!

Hope you had an amazing Mother's Day! Enjoy! :) 

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