Tuesday, 14 May 2013


I've been back at home for two days now and I can say I miss it lots! It's good to be home, grandma and grandpa made some delicious food! We even had steak today for dinner! Mother's Day was well spent and I spent majority of my day having some bonding time with my younger sister :) After she got off school, we went to grab some deserts and we did some mini grocery shopping with mom and grandpa. Our plans for half off movies was cancelled so we went out for some froyo instead! 
-NEW- I got a my bangs cut! I asked to get my bangs trimmed just to make my side bangs shorter. It ended up being cut straight... I was not a happy child. But I got over it, and to be honestly, it's not so bad. Now I look exactly the same as three years ago when I first started blogging! lol 

We went grocery shopping for desserts and ended up purchasing 2 tiramisu's, a speciality pastry, and a strawberry mini cheesecake! The tiramisu tasted a bit spongy, but I loved loved loved the mini cheesecake. It tastes exactly like the ones I usually purchase at Loblaws! 

I currently carry around a red across the shoulder H&M bag from the thrift store. Although, I tend to carry onto a bunch of items, the bag is slowly starting to rip. I'm not complaining since I only thrifted the bag for $7. It's time to invest in a new go-to bag! I went to Winner's earlier today and I finally found a decent bag where I can fit all my junk! Since I carry around my DSLR everywhere now, I can't survive without a bigger bag. Having straps to carry your bag on your shoulders is always a bonus! Surprisingly, I don't own any black bags. So here it is! My mom actually spotted it for me :) 

 My cousin called my sister and I and asked if we wanted to go for a froyo run. How can I ever pass that offer!? We went an hour before CC Swirls closed and here's what we got! 
I got bubble gum and amaretto flavoured froyo topped with sprinkles, cookie crumbles, spliced strawberries and pineapple. We couldn't get enough of it, so we ended up grabbing seconds! 
Hehehe, been obsessing over pineapples lately. My sister and I asked grandpa to cut this baby up! Delicious! Hope you guys enjoyed :) 

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