Sunday, 10 November 2013


Late post, but I hardly took any photos during Halloween (too busy having fun!) 
My friends and I road tripped to Western University in London to celebrate Halloween! 
I'm thankful for having such an amazing grandmother, she taught me how to sew during my early teens and I took on a project to sew two Sailor Moon costumes while balancing work, school and other activities ! Sewing two costumes took me the total of 3 long nights. I had fun during the process with making the templates since I never knew how. I think these costumes turned out fantastic! I regret not taking enough pictures, but here's what I took on my own! 
I was Sailor Mars for Halloween! What were you for Halloween!? :) 

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  1. Awesome Halloween costume really :D
    Love Sailormars cuz she kicks ass tehehe