Friday, 25 October 2013


Over the month or two, I've purchased a few items here and there, and just a refresher to myself and a haul post for you guys, here's what I have collected ! I also have an update on what I purchased from Urban Outfitters extra 50% off sale, but I haven't had the opportunity to photograph it yet!
Enjoy ! 
 Ripped Boyfriends jeans from Abercrombie and Fitch: I'm not a fan of wearing jeans, or pants in general but ever since I purchased this pair I've been wearing it often! I love the simple lazy look when you roll up the ends of the pants. I was able to score these pants for cheap too ! ($17 USD) 
I purchased my Boston hat during my trip at a souvenir store ! Definitely will be rocking it during the colder months :) Since last season I've been in love with infinity scarves, I decided to buy a plain basic one from H&M.

Side Purse - COACH Outlet
 My parents paid me a visit and my mom ended up giving me her COACH purse! I love her so much! This is perfect for errand-ful days or going out at night! 
 Jacket - Marshall's 
 Denim Jacket - Forever 21 
They were having an extra 50% off sale onto of the already reduced sale prices. So I decided to snatch this jacket. Looks ordinary, right? But the back says "Whatever" Aha, I thought it was cute but my roommate thinks it's ratchet. Thoughts? 

Black Basic Rain boots - Timberland  
Again, my mom received free shoes from her workplace and since she doesn't go out often, she decided to give them to me! They're comfy as hell and they're worth $200! Thankfully we got them for free :) 
 Blue Velvet Cropped Top - Forever 21 // Feather Necklace - Forever 21 // 
I'm in love with velvet during the cold months and this year I plan on purchasing more! I also picked up this necklace since I thought it went well with the cropped top or any other tops. I lack silver jewellery. 
Bear socks - Gift // Cross Socks - Forever 21 // 
My moms friend recently came back from a trip to China and she bought me these cute socks with bears on them! They're adorable and incredibly comfortable. I wear them around the house when my feet are cold. 

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  1. Sweet haul ^^ And so sweet and generous of
    your mum to give you a Coach Purse!
    Love the Boston beanie hat, the denim
    'whatever' jacket and F21 socks c: Xx