Thursday, 8 August 2013

OOTD: Sweet Escape

Black and gold has always been my favourite colour combinations. This year I took the whole gold accessory obsession to a whole new level. Everything I've purchased since the beginning of the year consists of the colour gold (accessory-wise). The slouchy, oversized cardigan has been a very popular style this season and I'm finally investing in cardigans that are not thrifted! 
Snake-skin Necklace - Forever 21// Basic Crop Top - H&M // Cardigan - Forever 21 // Cross Shorts - EBay // Shoes - Forever 21//

Earrings - Forever 21// 

 I recently went to Pacific Mall and changed my screen protector to a sticker. YSL theme ! 
I finally found a 'secret' spot for me to spend my alone time, thinking time and relaxation time. I can see the city scape from this view, and the breeze from the wind just gives it a simplistic feel. Finally, a place to escape to when I need some reflection time. These days I've been doing very well, productivity with my studying and work. I look forward to my two week summer vacation before heading back to school again. Enjoy for now :) 


  1. I love the effects on your photos! The view is stunning and you look beautiful

  2. I absolutely love this outfit! :D i prob can't pull it off those shorts haha but i am loving the shoes (they remind of me of the chloe ones!) and the top :) XX

  3. You look nice dear!
    Those shoes are to die for :c I've
    been looking for a similar pair!