Wednesday, 7 August 2013

GIFTS [08.07.13]

Exam season is currently pressuring all us summer kids to stay indoors and study our lives away. Luckily the month of August has been a chilly/cold one. So my temptations to go out and play have slowly changed into hibernation mode. This month also means all my closer group of friends are back home! Which means having to balance work life, social life, and exams. I'm soooo glad they're back home now though, everything's back to normal :)
My roommates brother came to visit her in Canada this month and his mom bought my family and I a few things :) Polaroid film for us to use when we explore the Toronto area, a notebook and moon cake for my family.

 My ex-roommate came back from her hometown (Vancouver, Canada) and she gave me some chocolate, aha! I dislike eating chocolate as a whole, I tend to like a little something (such as nuts) inside the chocolate, but this one tasted delicious! And they look so cute too!

 And lastly, one of my good friend came home from an Hong Kong exchange program. He bought my roommate and I matching bunnies! They're adorable but the concept of it is so random, aha! He bought this for us while he was on his trip to Japan :) 

Thats it for now! Enjoy 


  1. I'd love to own a polaroid camera like that! The bunny is cute ;D

  2. Awesome gifts, I'd love to own that poloroid camera as well!
    I don't like mooncakes, especially the one with that yolk
    in the center, but I love that tin case! Xx