Friday, 12 July 2013


This morning I spent my day studying and running errands. I recently discovered a Good Will Outlet near my house, so I decided to check it out. Little did I know it was just a big room filled with tons of containers full of clothes and what not. The place was smelly and the pile of clothes was scattered everywhere. Definitely not your typical Good Will store. Sadly I found nothing during my thrift finds.
This is what I wore during the day! Something simple and easy to wear.
Strip shirt - Urban Outfitters // High waisted Shorts - Forever 21// Purse - Thrifted 

After my boyfriend got off work, we decided to participate in Summerlicious. 
Discover the finest dishes in the city at one of Toronto’s favourite culinary celebrations. Enjoy delicious three-course prix fixe menus at 195 of the city’s top restaurants, all at fantastic price points.
After spending 2.5 hours searching the web to find the one restaurant I wanted to try, I settled for Fortuna Ristorante at Yorkville. - 12 Cumberland Street, Toronto - 
Since we both agreed to dress up, this is what I decided to wear tonight! I'm not going to lie. I've been obsessing over this cardigan the moment I laid eyes on it, and it has already been 3 days and I am still not wiling to let go of it. I will shamelessly continue to wear it! 
Cross Necklace - Aldo Accessories // Grey Top - Forever 21 // Cardigan - Forever 21// Golden Leaf belt - H&M // High low skirt - Forever 21 // 

Here's the Summerlicious menu! There was a few option for each section! 
 My first pick was the Calamari Grigliati. My boyfriend choose to order Misto. 
I'm not sure if you're familiar with the Jack Astor or Moxie's Calamari, but thats what I imagined it to be when I ordered this. The calamari was good, nice and chewy but it was somewhat over cooked and you could taste the burnt parts. The side 'salad' lettuce was very warm too, so it tasted awkward.
 I choose Salmone Atlantico which consists of salmon filet, grilled vegetables, and lemon butter sauce. When my food just arrived I panicked abit since I thought I'd still be hungry after eating this since the proportion of the food looks really small. No fear, it's actually very filling and very flavourful. The lemon butter sauce was a great final touch and the bottom of the salmon is nice and crunchy! I wish they gave us more vegetables though. 

 My boyfriend ordered the Fettuccine Di Caruso, which consists of Grilled chicken, mushrooms, prosciutto, parmesan, and cream sauce. This dish was definitely more filling and it was my second choice. The meal was good but definitely not worth it's regular price. The sauce was very creamy but they didn't offer as much noodles, the mushrooms were delicious though! 
And lastly, for dessert we ordered Creme Brule and Tiramisu. The creme brule was delicious, the top layer was crunchy and sweet and the bottom layer was very soft and creamy. The tiramisu was very creamy in the middle and the choco powder did wonders to the cake.  

By the time we got into the restaurant the place was almost fully packed. A few people were hosting birthday celebrations, so the place was very noisy. The atmosphere was nice and romantic and the servers were very kind. The layout was simple and easy to understand, however their patio seats could use some upgrading in terms of their furniture. I was dumb enough to listen to the summerlicious website and not book a reservation in advance, but luckily the server did her best and found a seat for us, so we got lucky! Overall the place was great and the food was decent. However I think this was more for a one time experience I will most likely not go back. 


  1. i cant believe you found such a great quality white bag at the thrift store! what a steal :)) and the food looks deliciouss! I must go try it out sooon ahah :)

  2. Love the cute outfit babe, I love the white bag.. reminds me of my cambridge satchel. I'll give the resto a try as well =)