Thursday, 11 July 2013


After coming back from a trip, my roommates and I decided to go on a late dessert run for some $1 brownies at Jack Astors! We decided to dress up :) Here's what I wore! 
Instead of purchasing the $90 Wilfred Artizia cardigan, I finally found a cardigan similar to that style from Forever 21, I'm in love with it! 
Cardigan - Forever 21 // Cross necklace - ALDO Accessories // Tank top - Siren's // Oxblood circle skirt - Siren's //

Since my birthday has recently passed, I decided to splurge on one specific item. I ended up investing in Clinique's foundation! My roommate recommended it to me, it's somewhat pricy but it really does work wonders! I love it since my drug store foundation is too oily for my skin. I also received Sephora's birthday set from Benefits make-up. The mini set came with mascara (which is amazing!) and highlighter (works well in a subtle tone).

I also found another headband from Forever 21 that I liked, so here's my collection so far! All of them from are Forever 21, expect for the one far left headband which was one of my DIY projects.
There's currently a hype going around with the new Happy Meal toys from McDonalds! The minions are so cute, I had to get one for myself!

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  1. Love the cardigan and love the happy meals toy! :)
    Happy belated birthday! xx