Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Trending: Laser Cutouts

Ever since my roommate allowed me to borrow her laser cut out dress I've been searching for similar items that I can wear everyday! I've seen a few pieces at H&M and other popular retail store here and there but the prices always back me off. Not that they're overly priced or more pricey than other items, I'm just cheap like that. Aha. 
So I've been in a search for some potential must-by items and here are just a few that I saw online! 
There is just something about it that makes me really like the cuts, no matter what geometric shape it is. It's an in between of lace and of open hole cutouts and just a little freshness and elegance to it! 
And in case you didn't read my other post, this is the cutout dress that I wore! She said it was from Hong Kong :) 

Pale pink laser cutout top - Forever 21 // Pink cutout top - Yesstyle // White cutout skirt - EBay // 
(Middle) Gold cutout cuff - Forever 21 // Navy blue laser cutout skirt - Yesstyle // Top - Urban Outfitters // 
(Bottom) Cute cut gold bracelet - Forever 21 // Pink cutout Shorts - Yesstyle // Kimichi cutout shoes - Urban Outfitters 
Here are a few spotting of laser cutout pieces on the runway! They all look so elegant and amazing. 
Valentino Spring 2012 //
Alexander Wang Collection //
Enjoy! :)

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