Thursday, 6 June 2013


Today was a gloomy rainy cold day. I decided to dress down into some comfy gear, I never imagined to be wearing my boots again, but then again I don't own any legit rain boots. This is what I wore to school! This cardigan is a life saver when I'm cold! I had a very long day. My boyfriend woke me up at 7am and drove me to school even though classes start at 12 for me. I spent the morning working on assignments and right after class ended, I had to quickly run to work!
Maroon Cardigan - Thrifted // Muscle Tee - Forever 21 // High Waisted Jeans - H&M // Spike headband - Forever 21 //

 I found some left over flowers that I used to make my previous floral headband. Sadly I made it specifically for a Hawaiian party and I ended up losing it! Thankfully this DIY project only takes 2 minutes and $2! So here's what I used! 1. basic headband 2. twistable flowers (I bought mine from the Dollar Store) and just wrap the flower around the headband and ta-da, you're finished!



  1. Waaaah so cute DIY'd flowerheadband c;
    I like! And nice cozy outfit you've
    here! Xx

  2. Love the flower headband as well as the spikes one. Great shirt too & the cardigan looks very comfortable.