Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Yet again I had another day of freedom. I spent majority of my morning making breakfast, running errands and studying for my upcoming assignments. I started the day off with something simple and lazy! My poncho does the job, especially since it was somewhat chilly in the morning! 
Poncho - Vera Moda // Black basic skirt - Forever 21 // Skyline tights - ASOS //

 My boyfriend asked me to come for a buffet dinner with his family to celebrate early fathers day! This is what I wore (: We went to StarWalk Buffet (天上人间) 648 Silver Star Blvd - My boyfriend and I ended up buying his dad a new Tassimo coffee machine! I think this gift idea was fantastic since he 
 likes to go to Tim Hortons for coffee every morning. I'm very excited to test this machine out too! Too bad I don't like to drink coffee though, it's such a easy to use product and saves money and time in the long run! 

The food was average, and since we arrived late + it's a weekday, there wasn't a huge variety to choose from. Overal I was very disappointed and I only ended up getting small proportions of food that didn't even fill me up.
Haha, sadly everything in this outfit is from Forever 21 ): I shop there too often... 

Here's some random snapshots from my iPhone! I finally had my iPhone charger returned, so I updated my iPhoto for the first time in awhile. I went out for Korean food after watching The Hang Over 3 last night. And here are some random food I've been eating for the past few days! Spotted a Lambo and Audi R8 near Finch Station the other day too !
Enjoy and good night! :) 

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