Sunday, 12 May 2013


Second semester has just ended. Which means I have more time to go out with friends and explore the Toronto area! 

Purchased Macaroons from 'Cupcakes a la Carte' - Scarborough Town Centre - 300 Borough Drive - $10 for a pack of six.
It's not the best tasting macaroons I've ever tried. But it does do the job of satisfying my craving if I ever start drooling about them. I can't tell if each one has a different flavour, most of it taste the same. Couldn't resist purchasing them! They're adorable! 
However, my top go-to-place for desserts is definitely YOGURTY'S, a self serve froyo store! It's affordable, delicious and offers a variety of toppings and flavours! My friends back at home came to visit me and we went to grab some :) 

We spent majority of the day walking around downtown Toronto and browsing through different stores. I ended up purchasing a maxi skirt from Blue Notes ($20) and a skeleton tank from Urban Planet ($7). I'll post pictures of them soon! 


Green Tea Frappuccino // Caramel Ribbon Crunch // Strawberry Frap - Starbucks Happy Hour - Half off Frappuccinos :) 
For dinner we went to grab ramen. Now I've only had ramen once in my life (Kinton Ramen), and this was my second time going to a ramen restaurant. We discovered Hokkaido Ramen a few weeks back when we saw a huge line up. Long lines into a restaurant usually means the food quality is amazing. Sorry to say, I was disappointed. I purchased the miso soup based ramen and 1. the proportions of the bowl was very tiny and 2. even though I was very hungry, the taste wasn't as appetizing as I expected 3. the ramen was somewhat pricy ($10 for a bowl). The restaurant was very tiny and cozy though. The setting was very nice, however I think the long line ups was due to the lack of seat and room for customers to sit. 
Hokkaido Ramen Santouka - 91 Dundas Street E 

That's all for now ! Enjoy :) 

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