Sunday, 13 April 2014


It's currently exam season. (what am I doing on here?) I decided to wear this to my exam the other day. Who knew my rushed outfit turned into something I'm lovin' right now? Inspired by the New Yorkers, I finally purchased a pair of Nike's. I've been on a hunt for two months now looking for the perfect pair, which still hasn't been found. These will do for now, purchased for $55 at JC Penny, not a bad deal considering I was going to purchase a similar pair for $110. Black and White is definitely one of the best combo's, you can't go wrong with it! Not only does my cap keep my bangs in place, these runners are also super comfy! You can always be stylish and be comfy at the same time while studying. 
Enjoy ! 
OUTFIT: Cap - Urban Outfitters // Shades - Forever 21 // Angel Wing Top - Forever 21 // Pants - H&M // Shoes - Nike //

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