Thursday, 17 October 2013


ELLE Canada Magazine // SUGAR licious by Benefits // Warm Vanilla Sugar - Bath and Body Works // New York scene wallet // Mickey Mouse Watch // Polaroid // 

These are currently my favourites at the moment! 
CANDLE: I've been burning this candle every night and it's really soothing and it makes my room smell amazing! I'm really liking the warm tones and dim lights, so ready for the winter season! 
BENEFITS: I finally caved in and purchase the small benefits package. I originally just wanted the lip/cheek stain but I don't think it's worth $30! 
LIFE: Surprisingly this month is going by quickly, but not quick enough ! I'm super excited for the Halloween season ! My family doesn't really celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, so there was no hype during that weekend besides being jealous of other families for celebrating it. (those delicious turkey pictures are killing me!) 
My grandparents and dad left to China a few days ago, and my grandma was nice enough to let me borrow her sewing machine! I've been mapping out some potential DIY projects and I've been sewing my halloween costume and it's almost done! I'll let you guys know what it is once it's done (: So excited!
Life is always hectic for me, but I really enjoy that. I've learned a valuable lesson recently. Love takes time, and patience. Don't rush to look for that special someone! I've been focusing on school since it's midterm season and I've been going out with friends.

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