Monday, 12 August 2013


Today I spent my morning making study notes for my next exam (August 19th !) and well of course going up to the roof top to take pictures on my break! After my first exam, I finally feel less stressed since my next one is still far off. Lately I've been eating healthier, or just basically cooking at home instead of ordering food from restaurants (which ends up being very pricy!) Not only did I pay off my debt (finally!), I also taught myself how to make meals (they taste good, I swear!). 
Today I met up with my best friend at The Taste of Danforth; a annual Greek Festival that occurs in Toronto. The food was delicious! But before we head to that; here's what I wore today!
It was really windy today! And it's starting to get chilly again ):

I started the day with some healthy fruits, blueberries and banana! 
OUTFIT: Mesh Crop Top - Urban Outfitters // Cardigan - H&M // High Waisted Shorts - Forever 21 // Belt - H&M // Star Shoes - Pacific Mall // Bag - Hey's // Hat - Forever 21 //

My best friend and I met up around 5pm at Broadview Station and we  both ventured off exploring and trying out new food. The street was packed and you can smell food left and right. My temptation to spend all my money on every single thing left me broke at the end of the day. However, the experience was fantastic! 

 Baby Chicken - The skin was delicious but since it was so small, there was not a lot of meat

 The watermelon juice was so refreshing and delicious !

 We tried the Souvlaki Chicken Stick. At first the chicken was too dried but near the end it got juicier.

 Even though I can make corn at home to taste just as good as the ones sold at festivals, I can't resist myself not to get one of these delicious, juicy, overpriced ones!
 Walking through the street, there was so many booths giving out free food/samples! 

 I've actually never heard of Butter Beer before, but after seeing everyone holding onto tin cups, we wanted to try for ourselves! However false advertising made it sounds like it was actually beer, but in fact it was just another flavour of Root Beer. We paid $8 for the drink, but to be honest, I think the tin cup cost the most. I was not satisfied with this drink. ):

Later in the evening we ventured back into Dundas Square and had our meal at the roof top of Jack Astors. Me being a Jack's lover, this place can never go wrong! The server was amazingly nice, and the view was awesome! A great way to end the night.

Enjoy :) 


  1. your post is making me hungry at this late hour :(
    I love how you can wear crop tops at food festivals ahah i would never be able to (food baby). Love how casual your outfit is :)

    1. Oh.. trust me. I had a food baby too! Aha, I didn't think about that beforehand! I spent too much money on food too ):

  2. Waaaah what a fun day at Toronto
    with your best friend c: The food
    really makes me hungry haha Xx