Sunday, 16 June 2013


Today I went out with my best friend to The Rotary: Annual Ribfest in Niagara Falls. :) Since I had a huge dinner, and the place was closing up soon, I decided not to buy any ribs. I heard they tasted like heaven though! Here's some snap shots of my day !

Bat Wing Cardigan - Marshalls // Muscle Tee - Forever 21 // Cross shorts - EBay // Bag - Kath Kidson // 
Eyes closed or tiny eyes??
 My best friend and I decided to share one deep fried mars bar! It tasted amazing, although somewhat too sweet. ($6)
We then proceeded to Niagara Falls tourist area and stopped by Jack's Bar and ordered a Sex on the Beach while having our catch-up session. Since I hardly see her now and she's moving back to Korea, it felt like those random days that we'd spend with each other in the past. Nostalgic and very laid back. I enjoy her company lots.

Snap shots of Niagara Falls ! 

Such a beautiful place. Sure it's just falling water. But to think that thousands of people travel around the world to see this beauty. It's truly amazing and I need to appreciate this scenery way more than I currently do.
Enjoy ! 

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