Tuesday, 18 June 2013

OP: [18.06.13]

I've been searching for a maxi skirt that actually fits me and that doesn't require any hemming (short people problems) and taa-daa ! (also shown in my last post) I found one, in the most un-expected place. I was shopping at H&M with my mom and since she was browsing the kids section and I was just waiting, I spotted a maxi skirt for children's ages 11-12. I gave it a shot, tried it on and it fits! Not only that, the skirt was on sale for $10! What a steal! My cropped top was also $5 from Urban Outfitters, and the shoes was a gift from mum. Here's how I wore it!
Shades - Forever 21 // Crop Top - Urban Planet // Star Maxi Skirt - H&M Kids // Bag - Hey's // Shoes - Nine West //

Enjoy ! 


  1. The skirt is definitely a great find :D Those shoes are amazing as well.

  2. Great skirt sweetie, you look fab!