Tuesday, 25 June 2013

[21.06.13] pt.2

Exploring Toronto's Queen street tends to mean entering boutiques and vintage stores. Here a more pictures i took throughout the day!  

// Left side: Brandy Melvielle store // middle: The black market vintage store // right side: TOPSHOP at the Bay //
I resisted the urge if the TOPSHOP sales and other cute items I spotted since I need to save on money. However, I did end up purchasing two items from Urban Outfitters for $1 each! A disposable camera with moustache shaped prints and a iPhone 4 case! 
The best part about being downtown on a busy day? Free samples are always being distributed! The twistos bites were delicious and carrying hand cream is always handy.
This is my first time at the beach this summer and it was definitely a perfect day to be playing in the water and to go tanning with your friends. 


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  1. I want to have freebies as well!
    Nice pictures, Toronto looks
    very interesting c: it looks like
    you and your girls having lots
    of fun at the beach! Xx