Sunday, 12 May 2013


KAR-YAN CHAN - Toronto based lifestyle/ personal/ travel/ diary blog - 19 years old - Canadian born Chinese - Public Policy Major - Dessert whore - A kid at heart

Hey guys! What's the best way to use up my first post? An introduction of course! I'm currently a third year student studying Public Policy and Sociology at a Toronto school. I did own a account and a blog a few years back, however the transition between High school and University was very time consuming. Now that everything is stable, I hope to pursue what I loved to do in the past. Blogging is simply a way for me to remind myself of all the fun days I've had in my life, and to also share it with others. My blog will mostly be based on food, travelling, fashion, outfits of the day and just random here and there moments. Hop you stick around and hear out my story. :) I will try my best to update as much as possible! 
Enjoy ! 

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